Cazal 902 Oval Sunglasses

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Cazal 902 Oval Sunglasses Description

Cazal LEGEND Targa MOD902 MOD-902 049 Black Sunglasses Cazal is often referred to as the world’s most unique eyewear collection. Initially bursting into prominence in the 1980s with a phenomenon known as ‘Cazzie Fever,’ the collection originally became famous by virtue of its bold, eye-catching design and through its association with celebrities such as Run DMC and Stevie Wonder. Cazal eyeglasses are collectors’ items: individual, extravagant, of superior quality, surprising, exclusive, distinct, modern and always desirable. In each model, the shape and color as well as the material and technology are matched to each other, down to the smallest detail. Each design is created in the context of the most important international fashion trends–not to adapt to them, but to generate an exciting contrast which gives the brand its characteristic signature.

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